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It has been nearly a year and a half since my last post.  Far too long and many things I have to catch you up on, but we'll save those for another day.  What I will tell you is that I have not kept all my 2013 goals, but I have been domaining here and there still.  Usually, right around Christmas I get the itch to enhance my gift budget so I hand reg a few names and usually flip them quite easily.  That was true last year and kept me motivated a few months into 2014 and then I fizzled out.  The same thing happened to me this year and I flipped 3 names just this week that cost me around $5 out of pocket.  I sold them for $900 and that surely make Christmas shopping so much easier.  But what brought me out of the wood works was a random email from someone that stumbled across this site and so I thought it a perfect opportunity to put some more content up, so with out further ado, Steven's email to me:

Have you found a good email template that people respond to? And what do you put in the subject line for them to open the email?

Terrific questions!  The easier answer first, I literally put the keyword in the email subject so if I was soliciting boxspringwidgets.com I put in the subject: box spring widgets.  Nothing flashy.  No sales pitch in the subject.  My thought behind it and there was some thought to this - if I sell box spring widgets and I get an email that says that exact thing in the subject, I'm very inclined to open it to see if it's a customer with a question, a vendor, whatever.  Point is, the first step is to get them to open the email and I believe this approach to the subject will.

When I started dabbling in domaining, I did some research on the best approaches to soliciting names.  Everything seemed to suggest short, sweet, and to the point is the best approach.  Basically, as I recall, most people that are going to buy these names from you are expected to be familair with domaining and understand the value in a name.  Something along the lines of
I have this domain for sale for this price.  Let me know if you want it and I'll consider counteroffers. 
I tried short and sweet early on and I wasn't too successful.  What I'm not so certain of was whether my lack of success was due to the email format or that the names I hand reg'd early on were not the best.  Over time, my email developed into a few simple paragraphs with some marketing schmooze/sales pitch in them.  I have been more successful using these emails and again, it may be just because the types of names I register now are much better than when I started out BUT what I find quite often, is my buyer typically (3 out of 5) is not a natural domainer, meaning they don't fully  grasp the value of names.  And for the other 2, the sales pitchy email doesn't seem to deter them.  Here's my template:

I see that your company deals in box spring widgets and my company is selling the domain name BoxSpringWidgets.com.  The domain name is a solid, industry niche relevant search term, and developing it will definitely provide an SEO boost for your company in this market.

I am making this offer to several companies over the next few days.  I am looking to get $249 for this great name and the domain will be reserved for the first person to claim it at that price.  This would be a one time investment that will pay off for a lifetime, far less than the cost of typical advertising, and more than paid for after it generates a single sale for your company.

I will absolutely consider counteroffers, assuming no one steals this domain for the price I'm offering.

Kind regards,
I will sub in "a sale or two" or " a few sales" for the underlined "single sale" depending on the particular item or service.  I'm trying to make a return on investment argument to the potential buyers with this.  I usually domain in heavy equipment industries where the equipment they sell is 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars and the point here is that they can spend a few hundred bucks on a name that if it results in a single sale over the life of the domain, it has more than paid for itself.

I hope this helps.  I look forward to coming back to the blog more often and sharing domaining knowledge - please keep the questions coming!

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