The Good Email Responses

Not too long ago, I shared the angry email response I received from the angry Canadian (no offense to Canadians) web IT guy (no offense to web IT... well, never mind) that was upset I contacted one of his clients soliciting a name.  Those don't happen often, but when they do, they can sting a bit.
Fortunately, most replies are positive and I wanted to share two recent ones:

Thank you.

What I find unusual, is it's not often someone will push a domain before payment is made.  I am constantly on the lookout for whatever scam is being presented, and ALWAYS have that watchful eye working overtime.

Then after I offered $400 for the one domain, you included the second.  This too was unexpected.

Thanks again!

It's stuff like this that makes domaining fun for me.  I invest some time, spend a few bucks, identify someone that will find value from it, and make a little money.  They're happy and so am I!

Most email responses from clients are not as complimentary as the one above, but even something like this, from the Vice President of a company, can make me smile:

Thank you for your help. I will keep you in mind!

She's keeping me in mind because in all my sale-close emails, I thank them for their business and offer any domain service I might be able to assist with now or in the future.  I've had near a dozen flips to clients I've sold names to before.  It's worth developing and maintaining those relationships.  Keep your head up, keep registering names, be persistent... your day and good emails will come!

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