Email Extractor Makes Finding Potential Buyers Much Easier!

I teased my discovery of this new helpful tool a few weeks back.  Email Extractor allows you to scour websites via a keyword or phrase thru multiple search engines to gather email addresses.  The interface is super simple and the return is great.  You only need to weed out dummy and irrelevant email addresses as the program can't tell you which emails you specifically would care to send a domain sales solicitation to.  This definitely can be considered spammy, but I fall back on that I clean the list up to only the email addresses for the businesses I see a possible interest in the domain name I'm looking to flip.  It's only available for the PC and you can download it for free here: http://emailextractorpro.com/download.html The free version lets you do everything except export the list, so you can try it out as much as you like.  I dropped the $44.95 to unlock the full version and flipped a name my first go around.  I'm glad I did it because it takes much less time to generate 2-3x the amount of emails to contact.
Check out the video review:

Let me know what you think if you have used or begin using Email Extractor.  Also, got any other tools or tips for domainers we haven't mentioned on the blog - please share with us, we're always looking to learn more!!!


JohnnyVanSwag said...

Looks good! I think I will pick it up. Do you have any fears that you may be missing possible leads by not hand searching?

Herb said...

Fears? No. Thought about it? Yes. There are some websites that displayed on the list but gave crummy email addresses and for those few that stood out to me, I went thru the actual pages and dug up a good email. Here's what I know so far:
1. I tried it four times and sold a pair of names off the first time I did.
2. I'm emailing to 40-80 addresses, where as I used to try to squeeze out 30. Out of the 40-80, I average 10-15 kicked back for various reasons, but I'm still hitting more addresses than before.
3. Even though there's some time to clean up the list, it's much less time and not quite as cumbersome as the manual scouring.
Given your point, I may now occasionally flip thru a few search pages to make sure the Extractor is representing sites I would have found if done manually. Let me know if you see anything that stands out as you try it.

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