The Angry Response

Be prepared for it.  It happens.  Not often, but it does happen.  To put it in perspective, I attempt to flip one domain a week by soliciting 30 potential buyers at a minimum.  I get interested buyer responses for about 3 out of 10 names. I usually get 1 halfhearted low-ball buyer who was probably just replying to see if I was a bot or not.  Responding to that person has never resulted in a sale.  Then there's the angry response.  I get one every 6 months or so.  This one was a doozy:


In the past, I'd respond in kind but realized quickly that was a fruitless effort.  Then, I opted to ignore angry responders.  In the case of this one, I felt obligated to simply reply:

Wow. Do me a favor, let me know what email address or web contact form I actually sent to and I’ll make sure I never contact you again.

I did this for two reasons.  First being, the email address he emailed me from wasn't one I contacted directly so I want to make sure where I found it and avoid it like the plague.  Two, I'm thinking this guy is just frustrated with spam mail and just took it out on what he probably thought was a bot and wouldn't reply to his rant - so part of me hopes he feels like an a$$ himself.  He hasn't replied yet, so maybe that's the case.

Be prepared for these to happen, on occasion.  Remain calm.  Don't lose your cool.  It's not worth your effort!


JohnnyVanSwag said...

Good idea!

Herb said...

Yeah... he replied. It was entertaining.

Herb said...

Every time you a$$hole crooks get domains you email my clients.

A domain name is $9.99 not to be sold by crooks like you for almost $700.00

F@$% off! Get a real job like a real man and stop trying to rip people off!


Herb said...

Mr. Worrall,

No need to be derogatory. Domain pricing is always negotiable. By the way, what does Viper Web Design charge its clients like Pipe Genie for names like:


Look forward to your reply!

Herb said...

I’m not a thief!

Herb said...

And what do you charge for duplicating website design and content 15 times over?

Herb said...

Why is it your f@$%ing business! your email and domain has now been blocked!
I never emailed you first – go to Hell!

Herb said...

The sorry truth is that he actually did, IN FACT, email me first. I must have emailed a client of his, who then forwarded my email to him to get his recommendation and so then he replied to me. This illustrates the point I'm learning that some so-called web guys don't know squat about domains and valuing them. This is especially evident by the doozies he conned his client into buying for $9.99, but he never told me how much the client paid for duplicate content on all those pages. And so the 5 and a half month countdown begins until my next angry email!

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