Recent Domain Flip Success and a New Tool

I hadn't flipped a name in a few weeks and was recently accosted via email from an IT guy representing one of his clients that I solicited for potential purchase of a domain name.  Needless to say, I needed a positive domain experience and I got it.
A few week backs, I bought a singular and plural with the hopes to sell them to a prior client.  He respectfully declined and I had been sitting on the names.  This week's purchase (my commitment of buying and trying to flip one domain per week has not yet wavered!) is another name that I'm waiting on another client to see if he wants, so I decided to revisit the singular and plural from a few weeks back and actually try to sell them.
Parallel to this, I have a another venture, Grub-On, that I was interested in scouring the Internet for email addresses of restaurants for marketing purposes.  I contacted a tech friend of mine to see if he knew a way for me to get them, but he wasn't home.  I googled and found the answer to my spammy email prayers - email extractor programs.  I found one (to be demo'd on a future post here!) that let me run it for free to confirm it works.  To download the list, which I wanted to with over 40 good emails, I paid around $44 for the registration.  I immediately sent my email asking $695 for the pair of names.
I woke up to an email countering at $400. I accepted and by 3pm this afternoon, the customer had his two domain names and I have $400 in Paypal.  The email extractor paid for itself.  I am basking in hand reg flipping success this evening, made easier by my email extractor!


john mckamey said...

That's awesome, congrats! Cant wait for the demo on the email extractor!

Alex daina said...

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