Manual Renew or Auto-Renew?

That is the question.  The answer is: it depends.  For me, the bargain domainer, it's all about the manual renew and here's my reasons why:

  1. I can use coupon codes. Generally, I can score a .com renewal for $8 with GoDaddy.  The auto-renew will usually get you paying full price $12-$14.  You can manual renew before the auto-renew date, but I enjoy the many email reminders I get.  In the past, before I switched everything to manual renew, sometimes my laziness would keep from manually renewing before the auto-renew so I got stuck paying full freight.
  2. It forces me to better manage my domain inventory (in theory!).  I constantly get email reminders to renew names, several of which I do.  Others, I make a list ditch effort to flip but then choose to let them expire.
The reality of #2, is sometimes I get lazy (like I said in #1!) and forget to log in and renew, as I did recently with my main hosted site... thus when my email went down, I was instantly perplexed.  Until I realized I neglected to manual renew the name before the cancellation process started.  No worries!  I immediately signed in and renewed the name - crisis averted.  Although, this is the reason many folks would heavily, strongly, intensely recommend auto-renew.  If you're a big time domainer with a gigantic portfolio and jet setting the globe, then auto-renew is for you.  If you're a small time noob domainer operating on a shoe string budget like me, stick with manual renew and follow me on Twitter for up-to-date, working GoDaddy coupon codes including renewal codes.


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