Manual Renew or Auto-Renew?

That is the question.  The answer is: it depends.  For me, the bargain domainer, it's all about the manual renew and here's my reasons why:
  1. I can use coupon codes. Generally, I can score a .com renewal for $8 with GoDaddy.  The auto-renew will usually get you paying full price $12-$14.  You can manual renew before the auto-renew date, but I enjoy the many email reminders I get.  In the past, before I switched everything to manual renew, sometimes my laziness would keep from manually renewing before the auto-renew so I got stuck paying full freight.
  2. It forces me to better manage my domain inventory (in theory!).  I constantly get email reminders to renew names, several of which I do.  Others, I make a list ditch effort to flip but then choose to let them expire.
The reality of #2, is sometimes I get lazy (like I said in #1!) and forget to log in and renew, as I did recently with my main hosted site... thus when my email went down, I was instantly perplexed.  Until I realized I neglected to manual renew the name before the cancellation process started.  No worries!  I immediately signed in and renewed the name - crisis averted.  Although, this is the reason many folks would heavily, strongly, intensely recommend auto-renew.  If you're a big time domainer with a gigantic portfolio and jet setting the globe, then auto-renew is for you.  If you're a small time noob domainer operating on a shoe string budget like me, stick with manual renew and follow me on Twitter for up-to-date, working GoDaddy coupon codes including renewal codes.


Recent Domain Flip Success and a New Tool

I hadn't flipped a name in a few weeks and was recently accosted via email from an IT guy representing one of his clients that I solicited for potential purchase of a domain name.  Needless to say, I needed a positive domain experience and I got it.
A few week backs, I bought a singular and plural with the hopes to sell them to a prior client.  He respectfully declined and I had been sitting on the names.  This week's purchase (my commitment of buying and trying to flip one domain per week has not yet wavered!) is another name that I'm waiting on another client to see if he wants, so I decided to revisit the singular and plural from a few weeks back and actually try to sell them.
Parallel to this, I have a another venture, Grub-On, that I was interested in scouring the Internet for email addresses of restaurants for marketing purposes.  I contacted a tech friend of mine to see if he knew a way for me to get them, but he wasn't home.  I googled and found the answer to my spammy email prayers - email extractor programs.  I found one (to be demo'd on a future post here!) that let me run it for free to confirm it works.  To download the list, which I wanted to with over 40 good emails, I paid around $44 for the registration.  I immediately sent my email asking $695 for the pair of names.
I woke up to an email countering at $400. I accepted and by 3pm this afternoon, the customer had his two domain names and I have $400 in Paypal.  The email extractor paid for itself.  I am basking in hand reg flipping success this evening, made easier by my email extractor!


The Angry Response

Be prepared for it.  It happens.  Not often, but it does happen.  To put it in perspective, I attempt to flip one domain a week by soliciting 30 potential buyers at a minimum.  I get interested buyer responses for about 3 out of 10 names. I usually get 1 halfhearted low-ball buyer who was probably just replying to see if I was a bot or not.  Responding to that person has never resulted in a sale.  Then there's the angry response.  I get one every 6 months or so.  This one was a doozy:


In the past, I'd respond in kind but realized quickly that was a fruitless effort.  Then, I opted to ignore angry responders.  In the case of this one, I felt obligated to simply reply:

Wow. Do me a favor, let me know what email address or web contact form I actually sent to and I’ll make sure I never contact you again.

I did this for two reasons.  First being, the email address he emailed me from wasn't one I contacted directly so I want to make sure where I found it and avoid it like the plague.  Two, I'm thinking this guy is just frustrated with spam mail and just took it out on what he probably thought was a bot and wouldn't reply to his rant - so part of me hopes he feels like an a$$ himself.  He hasn't replied yet, so maybe that's the case.

Be prepared for these to happen, on occasion.  Remain calm.  Don't lose your cool.  It's not worth your effort!

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