Q & A: How to Park your Domain?

Welcome to Q & A with the Rookie Domainer.  This is meant to be a recurring blog segment based on questions I receive here, Facebook, and Twitter. This is the second such post and the Q & A question is:

How do I park a domain?

It's so simple once you do one, but if you haven't - this post and video is meant for you .  For starters, I register my domains with GoDaddy and park them with Domain Apps or Voodoo. I've explained before why and will go into more details in future posts about these choices, but for now, just know that's what I prefer.  Specifically for the video, I parked with Voodoo and this is because I'm seeing a little bit more revenue out of them but nothing conclusive enough for me to abandon Domain Apps, especially since I like their interface better.

Watch the video:

Basically, you add the domain to your Voodoo account, adjust some settings, change the nameservers for the domain in your GoDaddy account, and in a few minutes you have your domain parked.  Simple, huh?

I always, ALWAYS, immediately park my domains following registering just in case someone comes along and clicks.  I want a share of that revenue.  Let me know if you have questions!

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