Highlights from a Domain Hand Reg Session

I've given bits and pieces on how I go about scouring the available domain name haystacks to find the needles - flippable domain names.  It's my hope that folks reading this have been able to piece things together and start figuring out domaining.  If you did, then you're probably hooked - like me!  If not, or just because I thought it would be cool to share, this video is for you.  I started recording the video right when I sat down to start searching for a domain name, like I do three to four nights a week.  In this case, I scored a twofer in about twenty minutes.  Watch the highlights here:

Some things to keep in mind:
 I'll let you know how the sale goes for the two names I picked up: coinoperatedrides.com and coinoperatedride.com

Also, check out the Rookie Domainer YouTube channel for the EXTENDED CUT of this video.  You know you have twenty minutes of your life to kill enjoying every dramatic second!!!


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Tony Stark said...

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