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I wanted to quickly share a recent success I had picking up a hand reg that two days ago was not available as a hand reg.  Here's the long story short:

About a year ago, I stumbled across a neglected domain name.  The site was not developed or even parked.  I figured this was something I might get on the cheap and I already had buyers interested in a similar name.  I looked up the whois info and contacted the owner.  Three months passed and I get a random email from some lady telling me about a used piece of equipment and quoting me a price.  I wondered, "What is this lady talking about? I didn't ask about.... Ohhhh!" I immediately connected the dots and emailed her back advising that I wasn't asking about any specific piece of equipment, but about the domain name.  I thought for sure this would be an easy grab.  She writes me back telling me her husband told her I wanted to buy this piece of equipment and she was just relaying the info.  OK, maybe not so easy a grab now.  I reply again explaining as simply as possible that I wanted to buy this domain name from her.  She replies, "Oh.  That's not ours. A customer of ours owns it, but put our contact info on the ownership details."  Huh?  Not an easy grab after all...  For the moment, I would abandon pursuing this name.

This is where the DomainTools Domain Monitor comes into play. DomainTools offers many services to assist domainers.  The perks come with the paid services, but there's several items available for the rookie domainers working on shoestring budgets like I am, such as their Whois Tool and the Domain Monitor.  All you need to do is register for a free account with DomainTools, then click on Domain Monitor and add domain names.  Domain Monitor will do just what it's name denotes, monitor the domain for you, specifically the status changes. 

Now, back to my story.  For that moment, I abandoned actively pursuing the domain, BUT I did add it to Domain Monitor and pretty much forgot that I had -that was until about 6 weeks ago. Domain Monitor sent me an email that the status had changed to "Redemption Period" and reflected the expiration date of 1/5/2013.  This meant the current owner had let the registration lapse and now had a limited time left to renew, including paying increased costs.  Yesterday, another email notified me that "Redemption Period" changed to "Pending Delete." I began to salivate.  This morning I woke up to an email advising of the new status, "Deleted." Eureka! I jumped on GoDaddy and hand reged the name for $7 and have already solicited 20 buyers asking for $749.

This is a solid, short, brandable keyword name that has history, was mishandled, and someone's loss will hopefully be my gain.  Domain Monitor made tracking this easy.  Use it if you find names that are currently owned, but you'd like to easily keep tabs on them.  The free account lets you monitor 100 and I'm only monitoring 14.  Scratch that - 13, now that I picked this one up! So it'll probably be a while before I invest in the $49.95 /month subscription with DomainTools.

Check this out and let me know about other domain tools you're using out there.


Herb said...

I forgot to mention that a few days after I received the initial Domain Monitor on this domain, I received another email on another name I was tracking. Hopefully, in a few days I can hand reg that name too. I'll keep you posted!

JohnnyVanSwag said...

Great Story, thanks for sharing!

Herb said...

Thanks for the props! Check your email on those names.

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