Q & A: Email Address for Domaining?

Welcome to Q & A with the Rookie Domainer.  I hope to make this a recurring blog segment based on questions I receive here, Facebook, and Twitter.  Typically, I'll answer what I can then but if it requires a bit deeper explanation - well, those are the things we'll discuss here. Without further ado, the first Q & A question is:

When you solicit a potential customer, what email do you use? Personal? Something domain-related?

I know it's rude to answer a question with a question, but I'm going to. If you were the owner of a business and you received an email from someone trying to sell you something, what would your first impressions be of these email addresses:

  • GuitarFan236@hotmail.com - Hell no!  Stay away from using personal addresses that include your hobbies, random numbers, acronyms or anything else that's out of the ordinary.  If the email address might be inappropriate for your resume, don't use it for domaining.
  • JSmith@aol.com - Eh. I might read the email, but considering that what little I know about the Internet I do know a legit looking email address is pretty easy to do.  Your potential buyers might not take this email address too serious and think the same about you or your offer.  Stay away from personal.
  • DomainMarketer@gmail.com - Eh, but feels slightly better, very slightly.  Not as personal-email-feeling as one with your name in it, so it feels just a little more legit. If you wanted to stick your toes in the domain water and weren't sure if you were jumping in, I might suggest you come up with a domain business name and see if you can pick it up at Gmail or Yahoo, maybe AOL.
  • Info@BSFDomains.com - I might actually open the email, read it, and become a buyer.  This is the ultimate way to go and there's numerous ways to do it.  Basically, you come up with your domain business name, make sure the domain name is available, and register it at GoDaddy.  Then you can add their personal email plan for $1-2/month and voila - legit looking email address.  There's other ways this can be done if you look into hosting with someone like HostGator, but let's save that for a beginner-intermediate discussion later on.
I solicited for my first domain name with a GoDaddy email account - info@BSFDomains.com.  I've since switched to HostGator because of web design needs (still using the same email address obiviously, but just hosting it elsewhere). If you plan on following through on domaining a bit, then do the GoDaddy legit looking email address (assuming you pick a pretty solid sounding business name and available domain).

Hope this helps.  Keep the questions coming!

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