My Oddest Domain Sale Yet!

Back in April of 2012, I flipped a name related to race cars for $495.  The buy started out difficult because the buyer preferred not to use GoDaddy and since I had recently registered the name, I couldn't transfer it to her preferred registrar for two months, so I temporarily pointed the name to the name servers she provided. In June, I contacted her to let her know I unlocked the domain, provided her the transfer authorization info, and advised that she could now request the name through her registrar.  She uses Directnic.com so I even searched for transfer instructions and provided those to her.  Deal done... or so I thought!
In December, I was strolling through my account - recently re-energized to focus on domaining - and noticed the name.  A solid name that I wondered why I hadn't been able to sell it yet, until I realized I had sold it.  I contacted the buyer via email to let her know she never requested the transfer of the name from my account.  That was 12/4/12.  I hadn't received a response, so in early January I sent another email - "Hello?"  Finally, the buyer responded.  Apparently, she had been very busy the last month on the race circuit. I told her it might be easier if she just created a GoDaddy account then I could push the name to her.  She was going to make time to do that.
That brings us to yesterday and another email asking if she had created the account yet.  This time, I offered that if she hadn't, I would create an account for her based on the whois info of her current website.  Her response, "Thanks, as you know, I have done nothing with this... I appreciate your assistance!"
I just created the account, pushed the name to it, forwarded the domain to point to her current site, changed the email address on the account to hers, and sent all the info to her. 
Part of me wonders if I could've sat on the name or flipped it to another buyer and if she would've ever came back for it - but that's certainly not how I want to run my business.  Perhaps this will pan out into something else, as I noted she seems very busy with the day to day of the race circuit that I could be of some help for her online presence.  My persistence in ensuring she got what she paid for just might turn into a bigger business relationship - who knows?  What I can confirm is - Deal done... 294 days later!


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