Flipping Domain Frustration

The nature of income derived from sales is that you'll have bountiful periods - where you're making sick money hand over fist AND you'll have less fruitful periods - in which you're wondering what you're doing, want to give up, or find convenient items to distract your focus.  Since having recommitted myself in December to the core game of flipping hand reg domains, I've flipped two for a little over $1k.  Not bad, considering I've bought about 12 domains at an average of $5 each.  $60 to make $1000? Not bad at all!  Sure, that's not considering the time I put in but if I wasn't domaining, I'd be playing Call of Duty - so I don't count it.   At any rate, I am frustrated that I've dug out some fairly decent hand reg domain names (At least I think so!) and I'm getting no responses.  Well, I say no response but on two names I did get initial replies although they've not yielded closed deals yet.  What I need to keep telling myself (and you) is that you generally have more lulls than high notes - at least where I've  been so far - and sticking to the routine will get me through this.  With that, I'll continue to dig for this week's hand reg which will hopefully yield a sale and get me out of this slump. Wish me luck!


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