Domaining Tidbits... From Auctions to the Wayback Machine

I've got a motley mix of domaining events that occurred recently and I thought I'd share:

First, I purchased a name for $1.99 and emailed 17 potential buyers yesterday.  My asking price was $549 <- that's not outrageous, is it!?!? My only reply said they'd take it for $350. I countered them, "I'll let it go for $450, otherwise I'd like to table your offer as I have a few more buyers to solicit." I had some more stuff in the reply, but you get the gist.  They replied, "Thanks, but we'll pass for now." - and I'm not quite sure what to make of that.  Do they mean pass on the $450, but if I come back around later at $350 then we're good?  OR did they just tell me to shove it up my a$$? I'm concerned it's the latter and I've blown it, but I'll still hit them up in a week just in case the other 18 people I emailed today don't pan out.   I sometimes think I shouldn't be so greedy... I mean $350 for $1.99 is DAMN GOOD, but the counter tactic has worked for me 50% of the time and this is a pretty good name.  I'll keep you updated on this.

Second, in a recent post, I described how I troll thru the bargain section at GoDaddy Auctions and pick up a few names from time to time. Well, I recently picked up two decent .us names (at least I think so) and wanted to look around to see who I might solicit for them.  And in a another post, I mentioned how you can use Elliot Silver's Weekly Brokerage Listings to get some exposure for your names. While I was throwing another domain name on there today, I noted several people listing their names and how long they've been in existence.  Generally, the longer the name has been, the greater the value.  Just then it dawned on me that these names I pick up at GoDaddy Auctions are name drops, meaning someone registered them at some time and didn't renew.  That some time, could be a year ago or a decade ago.  I then recalled that the domain history, as far as creation of the domain name, should be associated with my whois record, so I checked it. One site was created 12/20/07 and the other, 12/22/11. I wanted to figure who owned them.

That's when I stumbled across the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  This FREE tool lets you type in any website name and it's possible, if the archive has crawled the site, that they've logged several snapshots of the site throughout the years.  The domain that was created 12/22/11 according to the whois record, was in existence in 2004 and apparently owned by a domainer - interesting!  The other name was owned by a company that deals in a particular service and this domain name absolutely represents that service and their corporate name.  I googled them and found several listings which included links to the domain name I now own - eureka! I'll save the explanation of why backlinks are important for another post, but know this: that is good! I discovered a phone number for the company.  Curious to see if they were still in existence, I called it.  No answer, but the message states that company name - double eureka! Perhaps I can sell this name back to the folks that had it, have their corporate name based on it, and simply overlooked renewing it? I've heard this happens quite often, but I've never personally discovered one, but this might be it! Another topic I'll keep you updated on.


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