A "Chance" Domain Flip Attempt

We'll see how this goes... I just hand reged a domain for $1.67 at GoDaddy (<-AMAZING coupon codes right now, check them out @RookieDomainer) and I'm trying to get $395 out of one specific  buyer I've targeted.  The name I registered only gets 73 exacts a month and valuates at $270, but the buyer owns the same exact name except foolishly added co at the end of the phrase to represent company.  Well, guess what?  keywordphraseco.com gets zero exact searches and valuates the same, zilch! If I was advising this person, I would have recommended they buy it without co.  Now their false move is my possible gain.  Here's the email I sent:
My company recently acquired keywordphrase.com and I was starting to solicit buyers for the name, when I happened upon your site.  As a professional courtesy, I'll reserve the domain name for you considering the relation it has with your company name and current site, albeit probably more appropriate without the co, and also more exact Google searches. I was asking $495, but would consider $395.  Let me know if you have interest.
Kind Regards!
I might have over-killed with  the "albeit..." part.  That was the milder version as I toyed with including a veiled threat that if I don't hear back, I'd continue soliciting buyers which would ultimately result in their competitor stealing their company name out from underneath them.  Obviously, I opted to not go that sinister.  I wanted to make the approach seem fair (which I think it is) and honest (pretty darn close!).  If I don't hear back from this company, there are some other buyers out there for the name - just not as many as I'd like.  If it wasn't for this buyer, I might not have taken the chance.  Well, that and what's taking a chance when it cost you a buck sixty-seven?!?!?
We'll keep you posted!

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