The Legit List of Available Domain Names

Round #2.
I've got to tell you that showcasing these available name ideas is liberating on two fronts: (1) Some of these names might actually come into existence by one of you all and make someone some money. I much prefer that than no one making money & (2) As I've recommitted to domaining, I've kept an eye on my Twitter feed to see what folks are sharing, what I might be able to learn, and what I can bring back here to share - but DANG-IT!  I'm so sick and tired of people tweeting their "hot" and "killer" list of available names that even I know won't make anyone any money anytime soon.  What kills me then, is that multiple people retweet these same worthless lists and all of sudden, you're led to believe those names are better than they are... I mean they must be good, if 470 random people are retweeting it, right? I'm telling you - WRONG!

Now, I'm no pro and I certainly don't portray to be... I'm the noob, rookie, part timer, amateur but definitely no pro, so I might be way off the mark.  These lists might be super amazing, but I certainly don't see it.  I've even tweeted back to folks, "If these are so "killer" which ones are you buying?" and "What exactly is a "hot" name? If I wanted to buy five, which five would you recommend?"  No replies yet, but I'll keep trying.  I figure I'll either learn I'm way off the mark or I'll expose the emperor's new clothes.  Both are good learning opportunities.

What I do know, is that my list is legit because I'm flipping names just like these and furthermore, I'm finding several names I saved to revisit are already registered by others. One such site: ClassABiosolids.com - Could've been you making some money off that name if I shared these earlier, but hopefully we won't miss any more opportunities to squeeze some bucks out of these ideas!
Without further ado, here are 20 more names, including several pairs (Try to sell both with a combo-price!), I've identified that are potential flippers:

Legitimate Available Domain Names
Name                                               Monthly Search               Est. Price                    Ask Price
ElevatorControlSystem.com                    390                            $250                            $495
ElevatorControlSystems.com                    22                                 0                              $249
AtmosphericTank.com                             110                            $210                            $395
AtmosphericTanks.com                             46                            $590                            $795
SolarHomeLightingSystem.com              880                            $440                            $595
TitrationKit.com                                       140                            $95                             $249
FolicAcidTablets.com                             2,900                          $840                           $1495
PipelineRepair.net                                     210                            $85                              $249
DewateringPresses.com                             12                             $55                              $249
GoldTrommelWashPlant.com                    58                               0                                $249
GoldTrommelWashPlants.com                  10                               0                                $249
SCBATraining.com                                   590                           $510                             $795
DredgeBarge.com                                       58                           $110                             $395
DredgeBarges.com                                     10                           $120                              $395
CODTesting.com                                        73                           $570                             $795
OilReclamationSystem.com                       10                               0                               $249
OilReclamationSystems.com                      10                              0                                $249
SpiralScreen.com                                        28                              0                                $249
HoleInTheWallGasFires.com                   1,000                          $140                            $395
BalancedFlueGasFires.com                      2,400                          $860                           $1495
Monthly Search: Google global monthly exact match keyword
Estimate Price: Provided by Estibot or Valuate
Ask Price: Rookie Domainer's recommended asking price

If you're ready to grab one of these names, hit up @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes and then register the name(s) at GoDaddy before somebody else does!
Don't let some of the exact matches or estimate values fool you - a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Sometimes I find the names that I never thought I'd flip, I did with relative ease and the easy names I got stuck with.  If anyone decides to buy and flip these - I'd love to hear about it! Best of luck!!!

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