The Legit List of Available Domain Names

This post is my first shot at New Year's goals #4: Share my domain name ideas and #3: Keep Rookie Domainer content fresh.  I mentioned that I have a stockpile of names that are worthwhile to buy and flip, but I'm just one guy with limited bankroll and time so I could never buy all the names I find.  I find a lot of names by my method of bulk name searching, and always document all the names that could be flipped. Another reason for sharing is I, as a newcomer to domaining, had stumbled across a site that claimed to provide quality available domain names. Unfortunately, while the names may be available, they're not always quite quality when it comes to flipping.  They may have higher than normal monthly search volume but who would buy the name MoneyCrafts.com or MuscleRoutine.com?  I want other amateur and noob domainers to have a convenient resource to get a name or idea for what it is people like myself actually buy and sell with some decent success.
Here's the first 20 for you:

Legitimate Available Domain Names
Name                                               Monthly Search               Est. Price                    Ask Price
AirportSnowRemoval.com                        73                            $350                            $495
MarineDepthFinder.com                           110                           $220                            $395
UtilityVegetationManagement.com           46                            $380                            $595
WaterModeling.net                                   110                            $35                              $249
BubbleDiffusers.com                                 12                              $5                              $249
RiverDredging.com                                  320                            $370                            $595
EmergencyGasScrubbers.com                    0                              $55                             $295
SludgeMixer.com                                      46                               $5                              $249
SludgeMixers.com                                    10                                0                               $249
MotorControlPanel.com                          170                             $290                           $449
FloorboardKit.com                                   10                              $170                           $395
FloorboardKits.com                                   0                               $85                             $295
RugbyProtectiveEquipment.com              28                              $95                             $295
RugbyProtectiveGear.com                       320                            $350                            $549
WakeboardingGloves.com                       140                             $25                             $249
GasTankRemoval.com                              73                             $540                            $749
Diffusersystem.com                                  16                              $15                             $249
DiffuserSystems.net                                  10                               0                                $249
AirportRunwayLighting.com                    91                             $200                            $395
TricklingFilterMedia.com                         58                             $120                            $295
Monthly Search: Google global monthly exact match keyword
Estimate Price: Provided by Estibot or Valuate
Ask Price: Rookie Domainer's recommended asking price

If you're ready to grab one of these names, hit up @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes and then register the name(s) at GoDaddy before somebody else does!
Don't let some of the exact matches or estimate values fool you - a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Sometimes I find the names that I never thought I'd flip, I did with relative ease and the easy names I got stuck with.  If anyone decides to buy and flip these - I'd love to hear about it! Best of luck!!!


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