New Year = New Dedication to Domaining

Back in May of 2012, I wrote a post about avoiding distractions. Unfortunately I didn't heed my own advice.  I've been distracted from domaining for well over six months.  I did have a bit of domaining luck in June when I was able to combo flip three similar names for $1000 to one buyer, but after that, 2012 was pretty much done for me.
It wasn't all the distraction stuff I mentioned in the Staying Focused post - well, some of it was, but it was mostly my venture into the group couponing business. I started a company called Grub-On which is intended to be a local food oriented competitor to those giants Groupon and Living Social. I shelved domaining for the time while I worked on what I thought would be my greatest business venture yet.  So here I am, seven months later, a fully developed coupon site with some coupons under my belt but I didn't go global like I expected. Grub-On is still breathing and I'm looking for partners with marketing experience to help me grow that business, but I realize it's not my lotto ticket.
Come December time, I was thinking my family could use a little bit of extra money to make present shopping a bit more comfortable on our bank account.   How else does a domainer make a little cash out of nothing? He hand regs some $5 domains and flips them.  In December, I went 2 for 4 - selling two names at $595 and $395.  That's nearly $1000 for less than a $25 investment!!! It made me realize that while I look for other opportunities to expand, I absolutely cannot forget to maintain my bread and butter: the hand reg and flip.
Here are my goals for 2013 (and if you're new to domaining, and even if you're not new, think about setting some of these for yourself!):

  1. Hand reg and attempt to flip one name a week. Think about it, if the average domain runs you $8 at Godaddy, then that's a committed $416 investment for the year.  One decent flip, and that's all but paid for. The rest is just gravy.
  2. Maintain my portfolio better. You buy names and park them.  If they don't flip immediately, you ought to post them for sale on sites like Sedo. I try to sell them again before the year runs out, but wasn't real good at keeping up with that, nor was I at adding them to Sedo and if I added them, I didn't remove them after they fell off my registrar.  I'm currently cleaning my portfolio up and will make maintaining it a priority.  That's much easier than what I'm having to clean up now!
  3. Keep Rookie Domainer content fresh.  Haven't had a post since 6/18/12.  Don't expect you to come, read, and be engaged if I'm not.  Plus, this is just good for me to keep the brain juices flowing on domaining ideas. Nuff said!
  4. Share my domain name ideas. I have three full Excel pages worth of names I've identified as worthy of a potential flip. I just don't have that much bankroll or time.  There's other guys out there that blog or even send email newsletters proclaiming their list of available, unregistered keyword domain names.  While some of those names may have a better than average search count, most aren't something you can buy and flip (ex. AutoAuthenticate.com, DeodorantPad.com, FileRemove.com). I want to share something you actually have a chance to find a buyer for, so make sure to follow the Rookie Domainer because I'll be dropping names from my stash throughout the year.  They may not all turn out winners, but they've got to be better that deodorant pads!
  5. Post more videos.  First, the one video I have - sorry about that low res garbage. I plan on getting better software and providing many more how-to videos than the one.  I'm open to suggestions of what would help other domain noobs navigate the game.
  6. Write an e-book. Basically, I want to spend the year adding content and videos to Rookie Domainer.  As the year starts to close (look at me planning stuff out 9-10 months from now!), I want to bundle all that info into a step-by-step manual for the lay person to sit in front of the computer, buy a domain for $8 and make $400 or more from it.  Everything I know, I've basically cobbled together and I seem to be doing OK (when I do it! Reminder: Stay focused!) and I want to share that with others... of course, there will be a nominal fee associated with it!
Make some goals too and let's keep each other on track for a successful 2013! 

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