Get Exposure for your Domain(s)

Typically, I focus on flipping hand regs to end users - businesses that will use the name to market their company.  Rarely, if ever, do I buy names with the intent to sit on them or flip them to another domainer - for multiple reasons.  The main ones: (1) A domainer is looking to make money off of it too so they'll cut my asking price down & (2) I don't want to sit on and maintain a lot of domains which equates to a lot of renewal fees, unless they were making bank being parked on ad revenue (unfortunately, most small hand regs do not).  However, I do have a few such names in my portfolio.
Another thing you'll learn in domaining is that there's some recognizable industry names that get mentioned quite a bit, such as Frank Schilling and Elliot Silver.  Occasionally, these guys will look out for us little ones and give guidance or an opportunity to stand on their platform for attention.  Elliot has a very popular blog, conveniently named Elliot's Blog, and the most recent post Weekly Brokerage Listings is something he does weekly (<-go figure, he keeps it simple, his blog, and weekly means weekly!) that lists some significant domains for sale but then he also invites everyone else to post one name and a price.  I've gone ahead and listed my perfectgolftee.com for $1,995.  If you have names that fit the bill, I highly recommend you list them on his weekly post.  Get a little exposure and who knows, perhaps it might help you unload some domains or at the very least, get you and your domains some exposure!

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