fiverr - Use or Avoid?

fiverr, heard of it? If you're ahead of the times, keep up with the Internet memes, or are just better informed than I then you've probably heard of fiverr.  For those that haven't - basically, it's a website that allows people to sell services or order services at a going rate of $5, thus the clever name!
I recently perused the litany of gigs (<-what fiverr calls these $5 jobs) offered to see what folks were doing.  My initial thought was what could I do for five bucks that wouldn't take much time, would be relatively easy to duplicate, and that people wanted to buy.  Two things immediately dawned one: (1) I had no good ideas for what I could do for $5 that people would want & (2) I've just recommitted for the new year to focus on domaining, something I've struggled with and preached about before and here I am looking for another nickel-and-dime scam-straction (scammy-distraction). I'm not saying fiverr is a scam or that all the gigs are, but I did notice most people providing the services are not based in the U.S., at least the services I'd be inclined to engage, such as domaining, marketing, publishing, or SEO help.  The U.S. conceptualized gigs are mostly things like "I will hold your sign and take crazy pics while holding a wad of cash" or "I will draw you a personalized chibi." Crazy pic has sold that gig 21 times. I may actually cough up five bucks and get him to hold the name of my fantasy football team for my online profile pic come next year. And a chibi, is Japanese slang for 'short person' but you knew that already, you in-the-know person, you!
Probably thinking, what the heck does this have to do with domaining?  Well, it doesn't, but let me finish up.  I recalled that the co-worker of mine that planted the domaining seed for me used fiverr to get a pretty slick intro video for his blog and YouTube channel.  Check him out at BBQBros.net - it's starting to blow up and he's moved on from domaining, somewhat.
I plan on rolling out several domaining oriented videos this year, so I coughed up $5 for an intro video as well.  I'll share it here once I have it.  For some thing like this, I say "USE fiverr!"
Point is, lots of stuff on fiverr seems real sketch but they have a fairly decent rating system, so stay away from the unrated or negative reviewed stuff and you should be OK.  Otherwise, worst case scenario, you only spent five bucks.
By the way, they have tons of gigs on domaining, SEO, marketing, and the like - if I come across a gig that seems worthwhile, I'll share it here but for now, I'm avoiding. If you've found a good gig for domaining, let me know. Thanks!


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