Dumpster Diving in the GoDaddy Auction Bargain Bin

I've bought a handful of names from the GoDaddy Auctions Bargain Bin, such as PerfectGolfTee.com, GoldenCityBuffet.com, and most recently, LawnPros.us.  We can discuss the merits of buying .us another day, but the driving reason behind why I salvaged those names from the dumpster aka Bargain Bin at GoDaddy are because they were brandables - names I think I can sit on for a bit and actually make a little money if (when) the right buyer comes along.
I don't know much about GoDaddy Auctions, but here's what I think I understand so far.   It's a blend of names listed by sellers just wanting to sell a name, like how Sedo does it, and it's also pre-drop names.  I've talked about name drops before - those names that someone registered and decided not to renew, so other services try to grab these names because there's some perceived value to them or the buyers that subscribe to their service (see: Snapnames).  It appears that GoDaddy Auctions Bargain Bin is the pre-drop location for GoDaddy to try and have a name renewed on their registrar before it drops off, gets snapped up, and possibly ends up in another registrar. At least that's my take on these!
Here's my latest video showing you how to sift thru the dumpster and salvage a domain name or two for cheap:

You can pick up CPRTraining.info while it's still available.  Don't forget to check @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes, even for renewals! If you buy the name tell us about it. Or if you have experience with GoDaddy Auctions and can help our understanding - we welcome your input!

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