Domaining Must-Have Phone Apps (FREE!)

I'm a part time domainer with a full time day job, a wife and two young children - so how do I find time to domain?  Typically, I put in late hours 9pm-11pm at least a few nights a week, but thanks to the evolution of smart phones - I get to do some domaining during the day, while on lunch, walking to the gym, working out, or sitting on the toilet.  Seriously, when you have the domaining itch, you'll scratch it whenever you can.  Here's the must-have apps for your phone.  By the way, these are all FREE!

  • GoDaddy (iPhone/Android): My registrar of choice is never far away with this handy app.  Manage your current portfolio of names, register new names you think of while perched on the porcelain think tank, or surf the GoDaddy Auction listings for some bargains.  The downside: You cannot perform domain name transfers on the mobile app, or so it appears. If you've closed a deal during the day, you'll still have to find a computer to log in and initiate the transfer.
  • Domain Coupons (Android): One of the greatest reasons for a domainer to have an Android over iPhone: Domain Coupons by DMS! It appears to be the most complete domain coupons database that easily saves you time and money. Never overpay for renewals.  Never miss those crazy $1 .COM deals from GoDaddy and others!  But for you iPhone users, don't despair... I quite frequently tweet the best deals listed by Domain Coupons, as verified by me.
  • Adsense Dashboard (Android): Only available on Androids too - this highly rated free app allows you to keep tabs on your Google Adsense account including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easy to comprehend displays. Adsense HQ appears to be the equivalent app for iPhone.
  • gAnalytics (Android): The only way to know whether you've done right by your SEO is to check the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. gAnalytics is a great little app that simply plugs into your Google Analytics account and presents the numbers in a format that is easy to read and understand.  gAnalytics is by far one of the best and highest rated Android Google analytics apps. Fishead Analytics seems like a fair iPhone substitute.
  • LatestDrops (Android): Low ranked (1 star) with minimal reviews (3) - this app claims to allow the user to search, find and backorder desired domains at the right drop catchers to have a fighting chance to secure that domain.  I've perused the app briefly, so I have not yet determined if it will remain or be removed from my phone.  Doesn't appear to be anything on iPhone, for free at least.
  • PayPal (iPhone/Android): This is how you get paid.  Send invoices to buyers, make payments to acquire other domains, or submit a transfer request to move funds from PayPal to your bank account - the best feeling in the world!!!  A definite must-have!!!
  • Twitter (iPhone/Android): Follow Rookie Domainer to get the latest tips, coupon codes, blog feeds and more!  Plus, you can network with other domainers and expand your domain resources.
  • Blogger (iPhone/Android): Used occasionally to keep Rookie Domainer updated.  If you use Blogger on any of your domains, then this is helpful.  If you don't use logger, then not so much.
I hope you find this list helpful.  If you have any apps that you can't domain without that I've omitted - please let me know!  Best of luck on your domaining game!!!

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