Bulk Keyword Domain Search & Registration

The single word domain name idea search that I showed the other day is the sniper approach to buying hand reg names - you have a name idea or two, type them in, and hope they are available to purchase.  Just like a sniper, you hope your first bullet or two hit because you don't want to be there all day pulling off misses.
In domaining, just like in anything else, time is money and you don't want to spend it searching countless domain name ideas one by one just to see if they're available.  Thankfully, you don't!  This is the shotgun approach to searching for good keyword domain name ideas that are still available to hand register.

The details are in the video but here are the general instructions:

First get on Google's Keyword Tool and search the term or niche you've identified you want to investigate.  You'll get a list that may be very short, but typically they're a few hundred - it all depends on the term(s) you're looking into and what Google identifies as related keyword ideas.  Once you have your list, sort the Global Monthly Searches from high to low and Download all the search results.  The easiest export is into Excel, clean off the brackets [ ], then copy the first 500 name ideas.  This is your top 500 list, high to low, of relevant keyword name ideas based on your initial term(s) you used.  Take that list and paste it into GoDaddy's Bulk Domain Registration.  You now have a list of hand reg available domain name ideas.
Future posts to describe what to keep and what to toss from this list... unfortunately, most should be tossed, but this is the start on how good hand regs are found.  Good luck hunting!

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