Dumpster Diving in the GoDaddy Auction Bargain Bin

I've bought a handful of names from the GoDaddy Auctions Bargain Bin, such as PerfectGolfTee.com, GoldenCityBuffet.com, and most recently, LawnPros.us.  We can discuss the merits of buying .us another day, but the driving reason behind why I salvaged those names from the dumpster aka Bargain Bin at GoDaddy are because they were brandables - names I think I can sit on for a bit and actually make a little money if (when) the right buyer comes along.
I don't know much about GoDaddy Auctions, but here's what I think I understand so far.   It's a blend of names listed by sellers just wanting to sell a name, like how Sedo does it, and it's also pre-drop names.  I've talked about name drops before - those names that someone registered and decided not to renew, so other services try to grab these names because there's some perceived value to them or the buyers that subscribe to their service (see: Snapnames).  It appears that GoDaddy Auctions Bargain Bin is the pre-drop location for GoDaddy to try and have a name renewed on their registrar before it drops off, gets snapped up, and possibly ends up in another registrar. At least that's my take on these!
Here's my latest video showing you how to sift thru the dumpster and salvage a domain name or two for cheap:

You can pick up CPRTraining.info while it's still available.  Don't forget to check @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes, even for renewals! If you buy the name tell us about it. Or if you have experience with GoDaddy Auctions and can help our understanding - we welcome your input!


The Legit List of Available Domain Names

Round #2.
I've got to tell you that showcasing these available name ideas is liberating on two fronts: (1) Some of these names might actually come into existence by one of you all and make someone some money. I much prefer that than no one making money & (2) As I've recommitted to domaining, I've kept an eye on my Twitter feed to see what folks are sharing, what I might be able to learn, and what I can bring back here to share - but DANG-IT!  I'm so sick and tired of people tweeting their "hot" and "killer" list of available names that even I know won't make anyone any money anytime soon.  What kills me then, is that multiple people retweet these same worthless lists and all of sudden, you're led to believe those names are better than they are... I mean they must be good, if 470 random people are retweeting it, right? I'm telling you - WRONG!

Now, I'm no pro and I certainly don't portray to be... I'm the noob, rookie, part timer, amateur but definitely no pro, so I might be way off the mark.  These lists might be super amazing, but I certainly don't see it.  I've even tweeted back to folks, "If these are so "killer" which ones are you buying?" and "What exactly is a "hot" name? If I wanted to buy five, which five would you recommend?"  No replies yet, but I'll keep trying.  I figure I'll either learn I'm way off the mark or I'll expose the emperor's new clothes.  Both are good learning opportunities.

What I do know, is that my list is legit because I'm flipping names just like these and furthermore, I'm finding several names I saved to revisit are already registered by others. One such site: ClassABiosolids.com - Could've been you making some money off that name if I shared these earlier, but hopefully we won't miss any more opportunities to squeeze some bucks out of these ideas!
Without further ado, here are 20 more names, including several pairs (Try to sell both with a combo-price!), I've identified that are potential flippers:

Legitimate Available Domain Names
Name                                               Monthly Search               Est. Price                    Ask Price
ElevatorControlSystem.com                    390                            $250                            $495
ElevatorControlSystems.com                    22                                 0                              $249
AtmosphericTank.com                             110                            $210                            $395
AtmosphericTanks.com                             46                            $590                            $795
SolarHomeLightingSystem.com              880                            $440                            $595
TitrationKit.com                                       140                            $95                             $249
FolicAcidTablets.com                             2,900                          $840                           $1495
PipelineRepair.net                                     210                            $85                              $249
DewateringPresses.com                             12                             $55                              $249
GoldTrommelWashPlant.com                    58                               0                                $249
GoldTrommelWashPlants.com                  10                               0                                $249
SCBATraining.com                                   590                           $510                             $795
DredgeBarge.com                                       58                           $110                             $395
DredgeBarges.com                                     10                           $120                              $395
CODTesting.com                                        73                           $570                             $795
OilReclamationSystem.com                       10                               0                               $249
OilReclamationSystems.com                      10                              0                                $249
SpiralScreen.com                                        28                              0                                $249
HoleInTheWallGasFires.com                   1,000                          $140                            $395
BalancedFlueGasFires.com                      2,400                          $860                           $1495
Monthly Search: Google global monthly exact match keyword
Estimate Price: Provided by Estibot or Valuate
Ask Price: Rookie Domainer's recommended asking price

If you're ready to grab one of these names, hit up @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes and then register the name(s) at GoDaddy before somebody else does!
Don't let some of the exact matches or estimate values fool you - a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Sometimes I find the names that I never thought I'd flip, I did with relative ease and the easy names I got stuck with.  If anyone decides to buy and flip these - I'd love to hear about it! Best of luck!!!


Bulk Keyword Domain Search & Registration

The single word domain name idea search that I showed the other day is the sniper approach to buying hand reg names - you have a name idea or two, type them in, and hope they are available to purchase.  Just like a sniper, you hope your first bullet or two hit because you don't want to be there all day pulling off misses.
In domaining, just like in anything else, time is money and you don't want to spend it searching countless domain name ideas one by one just to see if they're available.  Thankfully, you don't!  This is the shotgun approach to searching for good keyword domain name ideas that are still available to hand register.

The details are in the video but here are the general instructions:

First get on Google's Keyword Tool and search the term or niche you've identified you want to investigate.  You'll get a list that may be very short, but typically they're a few hundred - it all depends on the term(s) you're looking into and what Google identifies as related keyword ideas.  Once you have your list, sort the Global Monthly Searches from high to low and Download all the search results.  The easiest export is into Excel, clean off the brackets [ ], then copy the first 500 name ideas.  This is your top 500 list, high to low, of relevant keyword name ideas based on your initial term(s) you used.  Take that list and paste it into GoDaddy's Bulk Domain Registration.  You now have a list of hand reg available domain name ideas.
Future posts to describe what to keep and what to toss from this list... unfortunately, most should be tossed, but this is the start on how good hand regs are found.  Good luck hunting!


How to Register a Domain Name at GoDaddy

Probably an easy task for most that might stumble across this post, but in case you're very new to domaining - then this is for you!
If you're wondering how people get names for their websites... they come up with a name idea and register it.  Check out the video for the very simplest way to register a domain name at my registrar of choice, GoDaddy.

Logo Reveal Video Unveil

Scored this slick logo reveal from fiverr.com.  Check it out!
In terms of my question from the other day - fiverr: use or avoid? For something like this, definitely USE fiverr!  For five bucks, you just can't go wrong.  I'll continue to peruse the gigs at fiverr to determine if anything may warrant sharing with other fellow domainers.  If you've used fiverr before and have a story - we'd love for you to share it!


fiverr - Use or Avoid?

fiverr, heard of it? If you're ahead of the times, keep up with the Internet memes, or are just better informed than I then you've probably heard of fiverr.  For those that haven't - basically, it's a website that allows people to sell services or order services at a going rate of $5, thus the clever name!
I recently perused the litany of gigs (<-what fiverr calls these $5 jobs) offered to see what folks were doing.  My initial thought was what could I do for five bucks that wouldn't take much time, would be relatively easy to duplicate, and that people wanted to buy.  Two things immediately dawned one: (1) I had no good ideas for what I could do for $5 that people would want & (2) I've just recommitted for the new year to focus on domaining, something I've struggled with and preached about before and here I am looking for another nickel-and-dime scam-straction (scammy-distraction). I'm not saying fiverr is a scam or that all the gigs are, but I did notice most people providing the services are not based in the U.S., at least the services I'd be inclined to engage, such as domaining, marketing, publishing, or SEO help.  The U.S. conceptualized gigs are mostly things like "I will hold your sign and take crazy pics while holding a wad of cash" or "I will draw you a personalized chibi." Crazy pic has sold that gig 21 times. I may actually cough up five bucks and get him to hold the name of my fantasy football team for my online profile pic come next year. And a chibi, is Japanese slang for 'short person' but you knew that already, you in-the-know person, you!
Probably thinking, what the heck does this have to do with domaining?  Well, it doesn't, but let me finish up.  I recalled that the co-worker of mine that planted the domaining seed for me used fiverr to get a pretty slick intro video for his blog and YouTube channel.  Check him out at BBQBros.net - it's starting to blow up and he's moved on from domaining, somewhat.
I plan on rolling out several domaining oriented videos this year, so I coughed up $5 for an intro video as well.  I'll share it here once I have it.  For some thing like this, I say "USE fiverr!"
Point is, lots of stuff on fiverr seems real sketch but they have a fairly decent rating system, so stay away from the unrated or negative reviewed stuff and you should be OK.  Otherwise, worst case scenario, you only spent five bucks.
By the way, they have tons of gigs on domaining, SEO, marketing, and the like - if I come across a gig that seems worthwhile, I'll share it here but for now, I'm avoiding. If you've found a good gig for domaining, let me know. Thanks!


Get Exposure for your Domain(s)

Typically, I focus on flipping hand regs to end users - businesses that will use the name to market their company.  Rarely, if ever, do I buy names with the intent to sit on them or flip them to another domainer - for multiple reasons.  The main ones: (1) A domainer is looking to make money off of it too so they'll cut my asking price down & (2) I don't want to sit on and maintain a lot of domains which equates to a lot of renewal fees, unless they were making bank being parked on ad revenue (unfortunately, most small hand regs do not).  However, I do have a few such names in my portfolio.
Another thing you'll learn in domaining is that there's some recognizable industry names that get mentioned quite a bit, such as Frank Schilling and Elliot Silver.  Occasionally, these guys will look out for us little ones and give guidance or an opportunity to stand on their platform for attention.  Elliot has a very popular blog, conveniently named Elliot's Blog, and the most recent post Weekly Brokerage Listings is something he does weekly (<-go figure, he keeps it simple, his blog, and weekly means weekly!) that lists some significant domains for sale but then he also invites everyone else to post one name and a price.  I've gone ahead and listed my perfectgolftee.com for $1,995.  If you have names that fit the bill, I highly recommend you list them on his weekly post.  Get a little exposure and who knows, perhaps it might help you unload some domains or at the very least, get you and your domains some exposure!


Domaining Must-Have Phone Apps (FREE!)

I'm a part time domainer with a full time day job, a wife and two young children - so how do I find time to domain?  Typically, I put in late hours 9pm-11pm at least a few nights a week, but thanks to the evolution of smart phones - I get to do some domaining during the day, while on lunch, walking to the gym, working out, or sitting on the toilet.  Seriously, when you have the domaining itch, you'll scratch it whenever you can.  Here's the must-have apps for your phone.  By the way, these are all FREE!
  • GoDaddy (iPhone/Android): My registrar of choice is never far away with this handy app.  Manage your current portfolio of names, register new names you think of while perched on the porcelain think tank, or surf the GoDaddy Auction listings for some bargains.  The downside: You cannot perform domain name transfers on the mobile app, or so it appears. If you've closed a deal during the day, you'll still have to find a computer to log in and initiate the transfer.
  • Domain Coupons (Android): One of the greatest reasons for a domainer to have an Android over iPhone: Domain Coupons by DMS! It appears to be the most complete domain coupons database that easily saves you time and money. Never overpay for renewals.  Never miss those crazy $1 .COM deals from GoDaddy and others!  But for you iPhone users, don't despair... I quite frequently tweet the best deals listed by Domain Coupons, as verified by me.
  • Adsense Dashboard (Android): Only available on Androids too - this highly rated free app allows you to keep tabs on your Google Adsense account including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easy to comprehend displays. Adsense HQ appears to be the equivalent app for iPhone.
  • gAnalytics (Android): The only way to know whether you've done right by your SEO is to check the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. gAnalytics is a great little app that simply plugs into your Google Analytics account and presents the numbers in a format that is easy to read and understand.  gAnalytics is by far one of the best and highest rated Android Google analytics apps. Fishead Analytics seems like a fair iPhone substitute.
  • LatestDrops (Android): Low ranked (1 star) with minimal reviews (3) - this app claims to allow the user to search, find and backorder desired domains at the right drop catchers to have a fighting chance to secure that domain.  I've perused the app briefly, so I have not yet determined if it will remain or be removed from my phone.  Doesn't appear to be anything on iPhone, for free at least.
  • PayPal (iPhone/Android): This is how you get paid.  Send invoices to buyers, make payments to acquire other domains, or submit a transfer request to move funds from PayPal to your bank account - the best feeling in the world!!!  A definite must-have!!!
  • Twitter (iPhone/Android): Follow Rookie Domainer to get the latest tips, coupon codes, blog feeds and more!  Plus, you can network with other domainers and expand your domain resources.
  • Blogger (iPhone/Android): Used occasionally to keep Rookie Domainer updated.  If you use Blogger on any of your domains, then this is helpful.  If you don't use logger, then not so much.
I hope you find this list helpful.  If you have any apps that you can't domain without that I've omitted - please let me know!  Best of luck on your domaining game!!!


Revisiting My Dropped Domains {Soon!}

I'm in the middle of pre-Spring cleaning my domain stuff, as in my Google Analytics account list, along with my Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools site lists - and I stumbled across some of the names I no longer possess because I was unable to flip them and saw no value in retaining them. To my surprise, some of those domains got snatched up.  Last night I sent a brief questionnaire to several of the people that now own some of my dropped domains to see how they came to acquire the names, their plans, and if they'd do it all over again.  I look forward to sharing the answers I receive with you - if I get any!!!


The Legit List of Available Domain Names

This post is my first shot at New Year's goals #4: Share my domain name ideas and #3: Keep Rookie Domainer content fresh.  I mentioned that I have a stockpile of names that are worthwhile to buy and flip, but I'm just one guy with limited bankroll and time so I could never buy all the names I find.  I find a lot of names by my method of bulk name searching, and always document all the names that could be flipped. Another reason for sharing is I, as a newcomer to domaining, had stumbled across a site that claimed to provide quality available domain names. Unfortunately, while the names may be available, they're not always quite quality when it comes to flipping.  They may have higher than normal monthly search volume but who would buy the name MoneyCrafts.com or MuscleRoutine.com?  I want other amateur and noob domainers to have a convenient resource to get a name or idea for what it is people like myself actually buy and sell with some decent success.
Here's the first 20 for you:
Legitimate Available Domain Names
Name                                               Monthly Search               Est. Price                    Ask Price
AirportSnowRemoval.com                        73                            $350                            $495
MarineDepthFinder.com                           110                           $220                            $395
UtilityVegetationManagement.com           46                            $380                            $595
WaterModeling.net                                   110                            $35                              $249
BubbleDiffusers.com                                 12                              $5                              $249
RiverDredging.com                                  320                            $370                            $595
EmergencyGasScrubbers.com                    0                              $55                             $295
SludgeMixer.com                                      46                               $5                              $249
SludgeMixers.com                                    10                                0                               $249
MotorControlPanel.com                          170                             $290                           $449
FloorboardKit.com                                   10                              $170                           $395
FloorboardKits.com                                   0                               $85                             $295
RugbyProtectiveEquipment.com              28                              $95                             $295
RugbyProtectiveGear.com                       320                            $350                            $549
WakeboardingGloves.com                       140                             $25                             $249
GasTankRemoval.com                              73                             $540                            $749
Diffusersystem.com                                  16                              $15                             $249
DiffuserSystems.net                                  10                               0                                $249
AirportRunwayLighting.com                    91                             $200                            $395
TricklingFilterMedia.com                         58                             $120                            $295
Monthly Search: Google global monthly exact match keyword
Estimate Price: Provided by Estibot or Valuate
Ask Price: Rookie Domainer's recommended asking price

If you're ready to grab one of these names, hit up @RookieDomainer for the latest coupon codes and then register the name(s) at GoDaddy before somebody else does!
Don't let some of the exact matches or estimate values fool you - a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Sometimes I find the names that I never thought I'd flip, I did with relative ease and the easy names I got stuck with.  If anyone decides to buy and flip these - I'd love to hear about it! Best of luck!!!


New Year = New Dedication to Domaining

Back in May of 2012, I wrote a post about avoiding distractions. Unfortunately I didn't heed my own advice.  I've been distracted from domaining for well over six months.  I did have a bit of domaining luck in June when I was able to combo flip three similar names for $1000 to one buyer, but after that, 2012 was pretty much done for me.
It wasn't all the distraction stuff I mentioned in the Staying Focused post - well, some of it was, but it was mostly my venture into the group couponing business. I started a company called Grub-On which is intended to be a local food oriented competitor to those giants Groupon and Living Social. I shelved domaining for the time while I worked on what I thought would be my greatest business venture yet.  So here I am, seven months later, a fully developed coupon site with some coupons under my belt but I didn't go global like I expected. Grub-On is still breathing and I'm looking for partners with marketing experience to help me grow that business, but I realize it's not my lotto ticket.
Come December time, I was thinking my family could use a little bit of extra money to make present shopping a bit more comfortable on our bank account.   How else does a domainer make a little cash out of nothing? He hand regs some $5 domains and flips them.  In December, I went 2 for 4 - selling two names at $595 and $395.  That's nearly $1000 for less than a $25 investment!!! It made me realize that while I look for other opportunities to expand, I absolutely cannot forget to maintain my bread and butter: the hand reg and flip.
Here are my goals for 2013 (and if you're new to domaining, and even if you're not new, think about setting some of these for yourself!):
  1. Hand reg and attempt to flip one name a week. Think about it, if the average domain runs you $8 at Godaddy, then that's a committed $416 investment for the year.  One decent flip, and that's all but paid for. The rest is just gravy.
  2. Maintain my portfolio better. You buy names and park them.  If they don't flip immediately, you ought to post them for sale on sites like Sedo. I try to sell them again before the year runs out, but wasn't real good at keeping up with that, nor was I at adding them to Sedo and if I added them, I didn't remove them after they fell off my registrar.  I'm currently cleaning my portfolio up and will make maintaining it a priority.  That's much easier than what I'm having to clean up now!
  3. Keep Rookie Domainer content fresh.  Haven't had a post since 6/18/12.  Don't expect you to come, read, and be engaged if I'm not.  Plus, this is just good for me to keep the brain juices flowing on domaining ideas. Nuff said!
  4. Share my domain name ideas. I have three full Excel pages worth of names I've identified as worthy of a potential flip. I just don't have that much bankroll or time.  There's other guys out there that blog or even send email newsletters proclaiming their list of available, unregistered keyword domain names.  While some of those names may have a better than average search count, most aren't something you can buy and flip (ex. AutoAuthenticate.com, DeodorantPad.com, FileRemove.com). I want to share something you actually have a chance to find a buyer for, so make sure to follow the Rookie Domainer because I'll be dropping names from my stash throughout the year.  They may not all turn out winners, but they've got to be better that deodorant pads!
  5. Post more videos.  First, the one video I have - sorry about that low res garbage. I plan on getting better software and providing many more how-to videos than the one.  I'm open to suggestions of what would help other domain noobs navigate the game.
  6. Write an e-book. Basically, I want to spend the year adding content and videos to Rookie Domainer.  As the year starts to close (look at me planning stuff out 9-10 months from now!), I want to bundle all that info into a step-by-step manual for the lay person to sit in front of the computer, buy a domain for $8 and make $400 or more from it.  Everything I know, I've basically cobbled together and I seem to be doing OK (when I do it! Reminder: Stay focused!) and I want to share that with others... of course, there will be a nominal fee associated with it!
Make some goals too and let's keep each other on track for a successful 2013! 

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