A bit of Domaining Luck

Not too long ago, I preached about avoiding distractions.  But it sure is hard to do, especially when domaining is not your full time gig.  Well, here's just a little lucky success story I'd like to share, so that other noobs know that good things happen - especially at random moments.
I hadn't done much to move off my distractions I discussed in late May, other than I had several names that were up for renewal that I planned to let expire.  They just weren't making enough parked to justify the renewal and I even offered them up here for cheap.  Something caught a hold of me and said try one more time to flip a few of these - so I did a few weeks back.  No immediate replies, so I chalked it up to another learning experience for the developing domainer.  I imagine you'll go through many of these as I continue to myself.  I resigned myself to let all the names expire.
Last week, while attending a conference for my main career, I receive an email stating "My client would like all 3 names for the $995." I about fell out of my chair.  I immediately fired up my laptop, renewed the names which I thankfully still had time to do, and closed the deal: 3 names that I bought for $8 each a year ago, plus another $8 each to renew = $48.
And I turned that into a cool $995!!!  Almost always, in this domaining thing, the rewards are not immediate.  Rejection is tough.  Frustration is expected. And patience is a virtue (is it not?).  But it's moments like these, that make it all worth it! I would love to hear about any other random success stories you have. Good luck domaining!  Or shall I say, work hard and make your luck!

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