Staying Focused

It's hard to do.  Whenever I tell friends of domaining and give advice to get started, I usually tell them to establish a routine.  It's best to be routine, set weekly goals, and always, always set time aside to research, procure, and solicit new domains.  I typically recommend 1 new name a week for starters.
But like I started out mentioning just a mere few sentences ago, staying focused in domaining is hard to do.  Either you go through a spell where you can't flip even the best selected names and so you stay away from the computer because you're tired of the failure and frustration. OR, like I did last month, you flip a few names left and right like you've never done before and think you're on the sweetest roll... then the next name doesn't sell, and by the 2nd domain that gets no bites - I'm done.  That's part of the rut I've been in nearly this whole month of May.
My domaining has also been distracted by personal life, as well as my full time job.  The full time job is just something I have to focus on for the obvious reason that I'm not making a living off domaining yet - and don't expect to for a long, long time, if ever.  It's a hobby that I enjoy, with some monetary return, but there's no guaranteed salary or health benefits.  Fellow co-workers reading this: It's safe to say I won't be leaving my day job any time soon! Personal life has seen several May birthdays and necessary honey-do list items needing my attention.
Lastly, domaining has several distractions.  I recommend for the noob to focus on hand regs and flips, just like we've detailed here at Rookie Domainer... at least until you get the hang of the process - from selecting a name to closing the deal.  But when you get better, or frustrated, you'll start to think "shouldn't I design a page and make money off of ads?"  You'll look into web design, and possibly buy something like XSite Pro2 and start designing your own web pages.  You'll sign up for a host of affiliate programs such as LinkShare. Then you'll look into page rank, and pay for referral links. Or contract your friend or someone online to write content for you... but then you don't see any immediate payback, so you move onto the next conquest.  You hand reg some more and have some success, but look into catching dropped names.  Finally you dabble with Blogger and Wordpress figuring "it's worth a shot!" All these distractions, while exciting and fun and potential opportunities and portfolio diversification... they're mainly just distractions from the core business of flipping domain names.  Try to stay focused on the hand reg and flip.  At least that's what I keep telling myself, as I write this... distraction.
Oh, and lastly, I'll share my experiences on those distractions I mentioned above and more in future posts, when I need to resort to my blogging distraction again.  But now I return to the drudgery of soliciting buyers  for a name I have: completesurveillancesystem.com  Know anyone?

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