I finally Registered Two Geodomains that I will Sell.

For the past few weeks, I've been dabbling in the geodomaining world.  For the noob, geodomains are typically the name of some geographic region, such as city, county, state, country etc. I'm not into those type of geodomains because my game is focused on the small nickel and dime flips for now, not to mention, most legit, good to great geodomains have been gobbled up already.  You won't buy a geodomain like those and find a company to buy it off your hands, or so I don't think - not right away at least.
No, that's not the geodomaining I've been into... I've been geodomaining by hand reging U.S. cities + some service industry, i.e. OcalaConsignment.com <-(That's my mom-in-law's actual store site and No! I did not charge her for it!).  Why would a business buy a name like this? Great question!  They would buy a name like my mom-in-law (mil) uses because:

  • Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Local customers search for local businesses and services by using local terminology.  If I'm looking for consignment in Ocala, then I'm probably searching "Ocala consignment" or "consignment Ocala" - and either bodes well for her as ConsignmentOcala.com redirects to her main site.
  • Branding: For my mil, this doesn't apply since the name of her consignment shop is Perfectly Yours, but I'm sure you're familiar with several businesses in your very hometown that use the hometown in the name of their business.  This is a good idea ground for domain names, especially if these folks were foolish enough to come up with a great local name and not register the .com.  Snatch those up and sell it to them!  
The longer explanation on geodomains can be found at BSF Domains (<-My domain site! Yes, blatant plug!  Should you, a fellow rookie domainer, design a domain page? Future post!).

I've been reging 2-3 geo-names a week for the past few weeks and unfortunately I've come up flat on every single one.  Thankfully, these haven't cost me a dime. WAIT, WHAT?!?!? Yes, they didn't cost me any cash, ultimately.  I used a little cheat (sort of), called domain tasting (<-Future post!), to get refunds back from GoDaddy.   They did cost me time for researching, soliciting, and returning the domain names, but the rookie domainer can't get frustrated on the time investment because it's part of the learning process.  Anyways, I scored two names tonight that I feel so good about that it made me want to write this post to make this ballsy call.  I expect to sell 1 of them, but likely both of them.  I'll let you know by Thursday since I'll have flipped them or be returning them by then.


Admin Team said...


Very interesting concept. Love to hear more about "Domain Tasting". I thought Godaddy don't allow this anymore.

Found your site few days ago and read all your posts. Did you manage to sell your Airplane related domains that you mentioned in your video.

Hope to learn more from you as I am very interested in flipping hand reg domains. Any advise?

Herb said...

I stumbled across domain tasting a year into the game, when some of my names started to autorenew with GoDaddy. They were my first stab at domaining and were pretty much horrendous. I looked into GoDaddy return policies and shot an email to Support letting them know I didn't mean for the names to renew. They told me I had 45 days to cancel renewals and request a refund. In that same email, they said the window for returning new domain registrations was 5 days.
I don't domain taste often, because it feels sorta sketchy, I have sold names after 5 days to buyers, and I'm usually interested in running with the name for a year to see if it drums up any parked revenue or buyers. I've actually sold 1 name (so far!), that I revisited a year after I bought, so I contacted companies again and 1 that I contacted but never replied - actually bought it!
I tried one airplane name and no bites. I'll do the other tonight - thanks for reminding me!

Herb said...

I humbly report that those names did not sell... :(
But I will try again next week!

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