BSF Domains Logo

Two years in the making, and I finally have a logo for my "domain company."  I'm using quotes because I haven't actually established this company with regards to incorporating and all that other legitimate business jazz.  Right, now I've just been running the business as project and claiming all the costs and income on my personal tax returns - not the best idea, I know, but I've been lazy and haven't made a whole lot of money just yet to justify going through the paperwork, but I think I will this year.
Anyways, I've got a site for my company BSFDomains.com which is the business end of my domaining ventures.  FYI, BSF is the initials of my first born son.  I'll need another venture for my second son and call it GEF Industries or something like that... but I digress.
Here's the logo!!!

I asked for something bold, clean, powerful and some reflection of the inter-webs or whatever this clunky boxy thing with an apple picture on it that I use to communicate to you all is...  I'm pretty happy with the turn out.  I may drop the sphere though at some point, but for now I'm keeping it.  I got this done by LogoNerds.com for $27.  It was pretty simple...
  1. You fill out some basic info of what you want, any website info, any ideas you may have, and any other files or images, etc.
  2. Pay $27.
  3. They work you up 3 concepts.
  4. You pick your preferred concept and then request revisions if it doesn't quite meet your expectations.  This logo took 2 revisions, mainly because of the sphere, which will hopefully relate well to my forthcoming Rookie Domainer logo.  They offer unlimited revision.
  5. Accept the final proof and you get a boatload of file types and sizes to use.
When we start talking about throwing content on your sites you want to build up - sometimes it's advisable to brand them with an original logo... when we get to that discussion, I'd definitely recommend these guys for those needs, as well as your domain company logo should you need one!

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