Available Names about to Expire

Beat the drop auctions and get these expiring names direct:


$50 each or best offer, includes 1 year registration. Express interest in comments to this post or email direct!

Rookie Domainers:
These are names I registered a year ago.  I was hitting the water and wastewater industrial niches hard, due to the fact that I work for the local water company. I bought them, made the usual contacts, but was unable to flip them. In my mind, they're solid names, unfortunately I don't plan on renewing the registration for the following reasons:

  • Don't see them selling any time soon. I've exhausted my options.
  • Parked ad revenue - they make little to none. I could spend time developing some sites, but I deem this a not worthwhile venture at the moment.
  • As a part-time domainer, having shallow pockets with limited funds, domains to buy or keep compete for every dollar.  In my mind, these are not worth me renewing.
So you might be thinking, why would any one else buy these from you for $50 then?  Well, I don't know that any one would but it's worth a shot and here's my thinking on it.  Every day, thousands of domain name registrations expire, more commonly known as drop.  It's a common misconception, especially for noobs, that a domain drops the day it expires.  Nope.  Typically, the registrar, i.e. GoDaddy, gives the owner a period of 35-40 days to renew the name post expiration date.  Sometimes, the cost may include some penalties late in that holding window.  If the owner does not renew the name, the registrar cancels the registration and the name drops.  Within a few hours, it's available for hand reg again.
Oh... if it were that easy.  Folks figured out real quick, that names that drop had value to someone at some time and maybe still do, to that same person, say if an owner accidentally neglected to renew their cherished business name, or to other folks that have been eyeing that name and think they can do something with it.  Smart people designed software that snatch these names the second they drop.  In some cases, drop companies get preferential treatment because of their relation with the registrar that has the name.  It can be a little confusing... all you need to know is, that if a name is dropping and you want it, you pays these companies to pick it up for you.  And again, it's not that easy!  When you "pay them," you're actually bidding on the name and as bidding suggests, others can bid against.  Typically, most good dropping names will result in an auction - which is why I say the noob should be wary of drop auctions.  We'll delve into name drops further in future posts.
Back to the point of my post... if any one were interested in the names from my portfolio that I do not plan on renewing.  They can buy them from me for $50 and two parties would be happy.  I make a meager return, but a return nonetheless.  The buyer forgoes competing in a drop auction, whose minimum bids usually start at $59. It's a win-win!  Hopefully, someone out there wants these names.  If not, then they'll end up dropped and may or may not go to auction.  Perhaps one day, someone else out there will hand reg them again.  We'll see!

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