Park your Domain Names before Flipping

Once you have some ideas down, vetted, and domains bought - you're thinking, "Now, I'm ready to flip this domain name!"  Not quite, at least that's not my approach.
When you first register a domain name on GoDaddy, it becomes immediately parked with GoDaddy.  What is parking?  In layman's terms, registering a domain means you just bought the rights to the name, it doesn't mean you have a full fledged web site yet.  In order to do that, you must host your website with some service (<-future post) and your domain name will direct users to that site.  In the case of parking, it's a quick, no frills way to host your site and potentially earn some passive money.  Passive money is made by a myriad of ads the parking company throws on your page.  Any clicks made by visitors to your site result in the advertiser paying for that click - the profit shared between you and the parking service.
Check out WekivaSprings.net, this is a domain name I left parked on GoDaddy.  Not real exciting.  Not making any money - I'll explain that in a bit.  Also, as you can see, the name is expiring. This is a name I bought with the intent to throw some content on, and affiliate links (<-future post too) but realized a little too late that I bought a misspelling of the name I was targeting... real bad rookie mistake.  Wekiva Springs is a senior facility, but Wekiwa Springs is the park name I wanted.  Chalk that up to a learning experience for the rookie.
The reason this site is not earning me money is because GoDaddy charges owners for the right to profit share on any revenue your pages parked with GoDaddy make.  And I have not paid them for that right because:

  1. This name won't earn more than what it costs for this service. 
  2. GoDaddy parked names looked horrendous.
Both reasons are why every other name I have is not parked with GoDaddy, but the latter is why I prefer to park my domain names before flipping.  I believe (albeit, have no proof) that if a prospective buyer visits your site and it appears polished, it gives them a better sense of what they can do once they purchase the domain name from you. It may even give the allure, assuming the buyer doesn't check the whois, that you didn't just buy the name because it looks like you put a little work into it. Also, should your prospective buyers click around the site, while they're reviewing it - well, you just made some ad revenue for yourself.  This happens quite a bit for me.  Again, it doesn't amount to me quitting my day job, but every nickel from the haystack helps! Hand reg names will not make you a millionaire when you park them, or even if you throw content on them.  However, they can (not always) earn 10's-100's per year, far surpassing the cost for annual registration.
There are several parking services available.  Some will only accept high end domain names, so your $8 hand reg likely won't cut their mustard.  But others will accept any name, like SmartNames. I've been using SmartNames to park all of my names.  They appear to have the best interface with customizable themes and it doesn't take long (~10 mins) to get a site up and running.  Check out these two sites I have parked with them:
  1. GainesvilleBiomassPlant.com This is what their standard parked site looks like, but I've customized the theme, using renewable energy, and added several other items including Google Analytics and Adsense (<-yep, future post!).  
  2. ChromeAxleCovers.com is using their storefront parking.  It's a market place that allows a visitor to price shop, and if they buy something, you get a share of the revenue.
  3. They also have an informational parking option, that compiles several theme related blog feeds and incorporates ads.  I'm not currently using this option.
With the ease of interface, options, and clean look - I think SmartNames is the way to go... BUT, I haven't really used any other parking service.  I was recently accepted by DomainApps to park names with them.  They have three tiers of service, the first one is free.  I plan on parking some names there and will provide feedback here after I have some experience with them.
There's one other cheap, no frills route if that's your method. Google Adsense for Domains will allow you to park your name in a similar fashion and look to GoDaddy parking, but they don't charge for the revenue sharing.  I would, at the very least, use this option than leaving your name on GoDaddy because you'll get a cut of the revenue from any clicks that may occur while your prospective buyers are perusing the site.  Keep in mind too - you WILL NOT sell every name you buy, so in the long run, you'll want these names monetized (parked where you make revenue) so you earn something from it, if only for the one year assuming you don't renew the name.
To sum it up, names parked with providers other than GoDaddy, will, at the very least, pay you some revenue if your buyers make some clicks, and can potentially aid in your buyer getting the vision of what they can do with that domain name and lead them to buy it from you.


Herb said...

Forget the Google Adsense option! No sooner do I write this, the next day a Google press release discusses why they're discontinuing this service. So park all your names with SmartNames for now. I'll critique and compare other parking services as I try them out.

Tony Stark said...

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Herb said...

You can stop promoting whoisxy now. Thanks!

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