The Day I Became a Domainer

Let's hit a couple of high points, disclaimers if you will, before I delve into my introduction to the domaining game.

  1. A domainer is someone who earns a profit by buying and selling domain names. The strategy is very similar to the stock market: buy low and sell high. 
  2. By becoming a "domainer," I do not purport to be an expert or professional by any stretch of the imagination. I simply buy domain names with the intent to sell them for more than what I purchased them for.
In my circle of friends and family, I may be known as an entrepreneur, a schemer, a creative financial thinker, a small business man, a gambler, and a plethora of other things related to risk/reward financial ventures.  Unfortunately to date, I've not had a great deal of tremendous success on my endeavors but my wife kindly reminds me that all successful business people do not triumph on their first outing - in fact, they struggle through multiple failures, so I guess I have to keep working for it.
At any rate, that recognition prompted a co-worker of mine to approach me with a business idea.  He told me that a friend of his works from home, on the computer, pulls down 6 figures (probably), and loves what he does.  I've heard of people making money off the Internet, but never knew someone that knew someone that was actually living off it. What could this be? Does he design websites? Does he provide tech support? Does he sell merchandise? Does he write blogs? Is it porn related?
"Nope. He flips domains." My co-worker told me.  Flips domains? What is this madness? My co-worker worked to explain it, "Well, so I guess he goes on GoDaddy and buys names and then sells them to businesses."
My analytical synapses fired. What names does he buy? How does he buy a name?  Did the name exist or did he invent it? Who does he sell them to? For how much? How does he find these buyers? How does he actually sell it? How much does he make per name? How many does he sell a week? How much is start up? And this is an abbreviated version of the questions I shot my co-worker.
His simple reply, "That's why I'm sharing this with you.  My friend said he'd walk me through some things to help me get started, but I thought you'd be a great resource to bounce things off of, so why don't we both see what this domaining is all about."
That was the day,about 2 years ago, I became a domainer.  I've learned a lot since then and probably have at least 100,000 times that to still learn. The domain game is constantly changing.  The avenues for diversifying your approach to the game are numerous.  Do you focus on hand reg's and small flips? Or do you go to auctions and look for high dollar names? Do you develop site content or park? Do you write your own content or pay someone? This is just the very tippety top of the gigantic domaining iceberg we're crashing into.  I hope to share my successes and failures with you here, in hopes that I continue my learning journey as well.  I'd like Rookie Domainer to become a resource for people like me - upstart domainers, looking for supplemental income, and real, honest, helpful discussions on what domaining is all about.  In order for me to be successful, I'll need readers to visit often and provide comment, feedback, and click some links(<-that's my flagrant way of saying, "I'd also like to make a little money off this blog!').


Katelin said...

Remember Herb, just because you haven't experienced "tremendous success" with this, yet, that doesn't mean you haven't had MANY small successes!! You are articulate, smart and ultimately, quite entertaining... That's why I'm following!! I can't wait to read about your next "success" big or small!! K~

Herb said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate you following but anticipate some posts, real specific to domaining nuts and bolts, may bore you. Or maybe you'll want to domain as well... who knows?!?!?1

JohnnyVanSwag said...

That must have been your wife commenting... lol... good read on the first post - excited about reading the rest. Thanks for Bloging Herb!

Herb said...

Not my wife, but a good, supportive friend. Glad you popped in. Hopefully, this is somewhat enjoyable to read and educational, you learn from my mistakes, make a little cash if you decide to take the plunge into domaining, and maybe can help me and Steve out along the way with whatever you pick up.

Tony Stark said...

I am also a domainer. I have kept parked my certain domain names for sale. I ensured that my domain names are not privacy protected by having a whois lookup at WhoisXY.com this can help to people who wants to buy my domain names by having a whois lookup and get my contact details.

Herb said...

OK Tony Stark - enough with the promoting of the whois website.

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